and why you should embrace it!

Burn-out is sneaky. It can creep up on you when you least expect it.

One day it feels like you are sprinting excitedly towards your goals – kicking butt,

The next,  you are peeling yourself out of bed to get into work and feeling tired behind the eyes.

The only thing you can sprint toward is your local coffee shop to order your favourite double shot latte.

Stress is normal for everyone right? - Of course it is!

Feeling tired is common right? - Yes, that’s true!

Feeling burnt out and overwhelmed is part of the natural course right?

Hell no! – It’s not!


 When you feel burnt out and overloaded, it is a sign to change directions for a moment.

Maybe a day?

Maybe a week or longer?

It doesn’t mean quit work, cry like a baby and drag yourself off to an ashram in India for a spell. Although you could try that of course.

I have recommended long extended time off for my clients who have completely capitulated and cannot go forward.

It does mean learning the BIGGEST life lesson you need to master.

Below I will share what that life lesson is.

You don’t want to miss it.

For now – let’s discuss the 3 KEY SIGNS you are probably feeling if you are indeed burnt out.


 SIGN #1
You get angry or emotional much faster than usual

In my recent book, I recall a time when I was so burnt out and run down that my automatic garage door not working, was enough to send me over the edge. into a fit of tears.

I have heard other people say they have purposely hit other cars in road rage, cried spontaneously for no reason and kicked doors off hinges. Of course, these are the bigger cases of physical aggression.

Most people simply avoid going out socially as the thought of conversation feels fatiguing when you are burnt out.

Little things seem like a hurdle. Getting groceries or buying presents.

It can pop out in the form of yelling more at your children, micro-managing staff or feeling that everyone is letting you down at work.

The reason for this relates to a shorter fuse.

Your petrol tank is running on empty so it’s like someone strung a 20 kg. weight around you and said ‘do your job now carrying that heavy burden behind you’.

Your mind loses its strength and the knock on effect is that your heart is now carrying that extra grief and you fall into disharmony.

 SIGN #2
Your digestion runs amok, and you put on weight quickly or lose it quickly.

When we are burnt out, our adrenal glands become fatigued.

These lovely glands are used for, when we need a boost of energy to deal with a big pressure. It’s meant to be temporary.

A shot of coffee as such.

When we are overloaded those little glands keep firing to help us keep going.

We are living on borrowed time because the body thinks we are under attack and it doesn’t bother digesting food.

Those non-essential functions slow down and create a digestive lag. Hence, irritable bowel syndrome or lower abdominal bloating.

You aren’t really digesting life so your food digestion mimics this.

Another common physical symptom is aching calves when you work out.

I will never forget that unusual and uncomfortable feeling of walking on the beach to get fit and feeling this pinching and aching feeling in my calf muscles.

Your adrenal and digestion meridians run down the legs, blocking up the energy flow. Mine never failed to ache when I walked.

Of course, you might also get the weight loss effect.

Not a great diet to use, just in case you ladies out there think there’s an easy way to drop fat!

Annoyingly that never happened for me. I got the weight gain effect when I was burnt out.

However, if your nervous system starts to operate at 24/7 pace, then your body might drop weight to enable you to run away. The fight or flight scenario.


 SIGN #3
You Attract Crappy Energy to you

Think about what your personal energy is doing and how it’s vibrating when you are overwhelmed and run down.

Do you think you are going to attract great opportunities and well matched happy people to you?

If you are having a run of bad luck, or feeling surrounded by negative energy or events, consider what vibes you are putting out there.

I witnessed one of my clients go through event after event of bad luck and attracting really misguided lovers into her life when she was at the height of her adrenal burn out.

If you are smashing and abusing your body with stress and pressure, then the kind of relationships you make in this time will need to match you on some level.

We attract in what we put out.

So if you have been experiencing wild emotions, digestive issues and feeling like the world is providing heavy experiences, welcome to the world of burn out.

You need a serious reboot.

Love your burn out. It’s showing you something!

You haven’t yet mastered the CRITICAL LIFE SKILL of YIN and YANG balance.

It’s telling you that your approach isn’t life enhancing. It’s life draining.

You are about to learn the biggest and most useful skill of your life.

It will make you more abundant and more effective than ever before.

You are about to get lessons in 101 YIN and YANG Mastery

Imagine a car.

Fuel goes in. That’s Yin.

Fuel comes out. That’s Yang.

When too much fuel goes out, the car stops. It can mess around with the engine having low petrol. We cannot reach our desired destination. The car splutters to a stop. We are left on the side of the road like roadkill. We just don’t realise we are injured yet and try to limp onwards… recklessly.

We are like a car really aren’t we?

​​​​​​​Energy in and energy out. When we expend too much energy out, and forget to fill up properly, our inner engine can fail us.

We need to be EXPERTS at knowing when to fill up and therefore when to gun it down the highway and enjoy the use of a full tank.

And we need to be EXPERTS in recognizing where the next petrol station is and recharge, before continuing the sprint.

Remember – YIN is filling up and YANG is giving out.

Do you have a great YIN and YANG strategy?

If you are burnt out, I am guessing you don’t!

You are yin deficient or immature in your yin status.

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" Remember, I told you this would be a great mastery for you. I PROMISE IT'S WORTH IT! "

-Debbie Pask,
Performance Coach and Mentor